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Training Services

We provide an extensive range of popular training courses to meet the needs of your organisation and staff. They include:

 ~ Basic Safety Awareness
 ~ Risk Assessment
 ~ Manual Handling
 ~ Abrasive Wheels (Safe mounting of wheels and discs)
 ~ Abrasive Wheels (As above plus safe operation of)
 ~ Fire Safety and Awareness
 ~ Asbestos Awareness
 ~ Ladder Safety
 ~ Inspection and maintenance of personal fall arrest systems
 ~ Buoyancy Aids (Inspection and use)
 ~ High Consequence Dangerous Goods Security Training

Our courses can be arranged either at a central venue in your geographical location or at your premises.

Twelve persons is the ideal number for most of our general courses although we will take fourteen where facilities allow.

The risk assessment courses are best run with a maximum of six trainees as they tend to be very intensive.

Fire Safety and Awareness at Work
Do your staff know what to do in an emergency?
Are you sure you comply with the requirements of
the Fire(Scotland) Act 2005?
We can run courses on your premises, at your convenience
throughout the Western Isles.



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